Cebu Lechon

Cebu is known for a lot of things…and one of the things it is famous for is Lechon!  Cebu’s Lechon Baboy (Roasted Pig) is the best tasting lechon baboy in the Philippines.  It has a unique taste with its soft tender meat & crispy skin! 

Lechon is commonly found or present when there are big occasions such as weddings, fiestas & all kinds of parties.
Therefore, a party will not be complete without Cebu Lechon that makes it extra special for the guests to enjoy!


Lechon Sizes & Prices:

SIZES                        PRICES                 

9-10K                         3,500.00                              

11-12K                       3,800.00                             

13-14K                       4,000.00                             

15-16K                       4,500.00 



  • Weight (kg) here suggested for dressed whole pigs.
  • Classic and/or  Spicy flavor.
  • 50% Downpayment is required two (2) weeks before the delivery date.



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