Cebu Wedding Coordinator


Getting Married...Soon?
Are you looking for someone who could help you with the wedding requirements & preparations for church & reception, or perhaps help you choose the right suppliers, or you simply have no time to prepare all these and is absolutely clueless on where to start?
Do you want your wedding to be stress free because you know it's one of the most important day in your life and you just want to enjoy your special day peacefully & joyfully? If your head is nodding right now, then you have come to the right page! My focus has always been helping clients fine value by making the wedding coordinator a necessary & vital part in helping you create a wedding that will be cherished & remembered forever.

For today's modern Bride & Groom, they hardly have enough time & effort to plan their wedding themselves.  And even if they have family members, friends & relatives who wants to help out during the preparation or the couple will just rely with their complete wedding to-do list, a book of facts can never replace "experience".

Yes, planning a wedding can become all consuming!  Some say it takes about 100hrs. or more to plan a wedding, depending on the couple's needs & wants.  So if time is tight but got enough budget, a competent wedding coordinator may be worth the expense.  Even if we take 10-15% of the wedding budget, we also take all your stress away!  And aside from being a wedding coordinator, we will also be your "budget planner" because we understand that every peso/penny counts.

Time & Value are precious commodities to the busy soon-to-be married couple & one of the best gifts a Bride can give to herself, in the course of planning her wedding, is a Wedding Planner|Coordinator.

What are the best qualities or requirements of finding the right Wedding Coordinator?

  • A professional & experienced wedding coordinator.  We don't use the term professional lightly, there are many incompetent wedding planners out there: fly-by-night, frustrated wannabes, relatives & friends who think they can pull it off.
  • A dedicated wedding coordinator at heart, passionate & always excited! The one who never gets tired of planning a beautiful wedding for every new couple.
  • The one that has a big network of suppliers, giving a wide array of choices suited to the taste and budget of the couple.  A person who gives importance to every detail, even to the least important ones because everything should be "important" for the couple.
  • Requires not only creativity and a sense of style, but excellent business and organizational skills.
  • The one who can deliver personalized thorough & fun service.  The one who can understand the modern Bride & Groom and that every wedding is a summary of a well-thought dreams because that what matters most to us.
  • The one who thinks that  Friendship is essential & who can help you have a stress-free planning & implementation for your wedding while still giving you the reins of decision making.
  • The one who makes sure that money spent is money save with non-mediocrity & professionalism.
  • Has a very passionate team of personal assistants who can deliver quality service especially on the wedding day.
  • A great wedding planner who can require many hours of planning, preparing & coordinating each & every detail, negotiating with various suppliers, dealing with the couple & their families, as well as gracefully handling every twist & turns along the way & always ready for any obstacles that one might encounter. The one who thinks that a "wedding coordinator" is a demanding career choice, but one with great rewards by making every couple very, very happy!
  • We always believe that every person should trust their own instinct. If you feel good, happy & comfortable just by talking to that person the first time you two meet, then you just found the right wedding coordinator for you!

What is the best advantage of hiring a Wedding Coordinator?

  • For busy couples, hiring a professional & competent wedding coordinator will definitely save them time, money, effort, avoid stress, and most of all have PEACE OF MIND especially on their wedding day.

What are the over-all roles & responsibilities of a Wedding Planner|Coordinator?

  • If the couple plans to get a Full Coordination Package, we will do all the planning, styling/conceptualizing, including sourcing out & coordinating with different reliable suppliers after creating a working budget & managing the contracting process.  Wedding Coordinator will do ocular inspections to specific wedding venues.
  • Unlimited wedding consultations & assistance via phone, email or meet-ups when necessary.
  • The Team Leader is in-charge in managing the detailed timeline designed to incorporate all the events of the day until the wedding day with consent from the couple.
  • Every Bride wants her dream wedding interpreted into realty. It is our job to organize, orchestrate and listen carefully to every couples' needs & wants.  We always make sure that everthing must fall into place.
  • Our primary role as a wedding coordinator, who is responsible for not only understanding what the couples want & what their budget is, it is also our job to communicate that understanding to the suppliers.  This is actually one of the challenging part of the whole planning process.
  • The schedules we create with the couple and the suppliers is our biggest asset.  We believe that every couple must enjoy even during the preparations & we do not want them to feel "rushed".  This can be accomplished if we stay on schedule from the very beginning.
  • Pre-production meetings with both sides of the family including the main suppliers.
  • Assist with the floor plan layout for the reception venue, seating arrangements, table assignments (optional).
  • Provide program flow and sequence. We can also assist & help provide music and entertainment (we can help canvass more talents for the program/party).
  • Provide checklist & final guidelines for the couple days before the wedding.
  • Scheduled Wedding Rehearsal. The aim here is to coordinate and brief the couple & the rest of the entourage so that they will know what to do & then remind everyone of their call time and what to prepare before & on the wedding day.
  • On the day coordination. The Team Leader will assign his/her team with individual roles to oversee each and every aspect, contributing to the success of the whole.
  • The main thing that we focus on at the end is the timing during the wedding day.  From the call time of hair & make-up artists, florist, photographer & videographer, checking out all the materials & accessories, wedding clothes etc. to the deliveries/load-in time from the other suppliers & locations, transportation itineraries, processional order & guiding the entourage throughout the church ceremony, order of pictorials and program proper that will take place during the reception and so on...
  • Most of all, a no hassle & stress free throughout the wedding day.  We make sure that every couple's wedding is the most memorable event in their life that is full of love & happiness.