Toni & Noemi

What is your most unforgettable/happiest moment during your wedding day?
August 7, 2010 was the date Toni and I looked forward to for more than a year. And when it finally came, it was a dream come true. Every moment was our happiest. Every moment is unforgettable.

Define Marriage based in your own personal experience as a married person/couple...
Marriage to us is taking our relationship to a higher level. Binding yourself to a person you truly love is the ultimate form of commitment.

What is your best advice for soon-to-be married couple esp. before & after marriage?
Once a date is set, make sure to book the church, reception and suppliers as early as possible. Choose carefully and never rush into things. Wedding preparation is definitely stressful, but it's all worth it especially when you actually see everything come together during wedding day. Most importantly, be sure that both of you are ready to partake a lifelong commitment.

With marriage comes a lot of changes, and you will soon realize it isn't all a bed of roses, it helps to take it one day at a time. And when things get really tough, take heed of this advice that a friend gave me, "And if one day, it will get cloudy, just remember this day...The day you made a vow to each other that not only will you stick together on a sunny "rainbowful" day but also during a downpour...probably under one umbrella para mas romantic!" ha-ha! 

Why hiring a reliable & professional wedding coordinator is also an important part of the wedding budget?
Having a wedding coordinator on your wedding day is as important as deciding what wedding dress you want, or choosing which church you want to get married in and so forth. These are the people that make a bride beautiful, worry-free and happy on her special day. Our wedding was perfect thanks to our coordinators Tisha, Bonie, Eda, April, Michael, and Adam!