Lito & Ara

What is your most unforgettable/happiest moment during your wedding day?
It rained during my wedding. It was supposed to be outdoors, everything was well-planned, PAGASA predicted sunny weather. I was heartbroken at first but when I walked down the aisle and I saw my husband smiling lovingly at me, among all the friends and family we so love, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Define Marriage based in your own personal experience as a married person/couple…
We’ve been married for a year plus already and I could say it’s just an elevation of friendship. Elevation meaning—we get to share each other’s thoughts, feelings and selves than the usual. But the element of friendship remains—understanding each other’s well-being, putting aside your needs for his own, endless chitchats, someone to hold when you’re sick and when you’re elated. It’s like having a best friend for life.

What is your best advice for soon-to-be married couple especially before & after marriage?
Lito and I are also suppliers in weddings. We always say to our soon-to-be-couples: Always inject FUN in the preparations.  It might be meticulous, tiring but then, it might not happen again. So might as well, enjoy the moment!

After the wedding, best advice would be to live and love one day at a time. Do not worry too much about things that happened or what might fall in the future. Always enjoy and make most of the NOW, now that you’re together. If you look at the past, reminisce on what made you both happy. And if you might look far ahead in the future, plan on what will make you better persons. Other than that, focus on the NOW.

Why hiring a reliable & professional wedding coordinator is also an important part of the wedding budget?
You can only be wed once.  Why not give it your best shot? And to give it the best shot, one must see it at a professional level.  Sometimes, we only conceptualize our wedding day since we are like, 11.  But to make it happen, in the midst of our busy jobs, it might be impossible to do it alone.  Thus, wedding coordinators are very essential, especially in doing the small stuff that could make you go crazy at times, or just guiding you in having the wedding you’ve always imagined.  I happen to have the best wedding coordinators in town.  When hiring a wedding coordinator, make sure that you have 100% trust in them and that they dream with you too.  I had them all with Bonie, Eda, Tisha and the rest of i team. Thank you guys!