Ian & Faye

What is your most unforgettable/happiest moment during your wedding day?
It wasn't just one moment.  It was seeing the genuine expression of happiness on my Ian's face throughout the day.

Define Marriage based in your own personal experience as a married person/couple...
Marriage is commitment.  It’s loving someone both when it's easy and difficult to love him/her.

What is your best advice for soon-to-be married couple especially before & after marriage?
Don't rush into marriage.  Be sure you can accept the person exactly the way he or she is before you get into it.  

After you're married, don't be too lazy to go through the motions, the sweet nothings of romance.
And even when it's difficult, always think before you speak.  Sometimes, you blurt out hurtful things in the heat of the moment and needlessly hurt your spouse.  

Why hiring a reliable & professional wedding coordinator is also an important part of the wedding budget?
Having an efficient wedding coordinator is well worth every cent you pay for it (provided the price is reasonable to begin with, of course), especially if you yourself are an organized type of person.  If you are the "O.C." type, and you choose to handle your wedding all on your own, chances are you'll be worrying your wedding day away.  But if you know that every single detail of D' day is in the capable hands of people you can trust, then all you'll have to think about is you and your lovey dovey.