Alex & Cherry

“Marriage is the most precious gift from God for two people who are in love; who vowed for endless and unconditional love…” When the D’ day has finally arrived, Alex & I can’t hardly wait on what’s in store for us. Lucky for me, I was just very calmed and simply happy that day because I know that I’ll be marrying to a perfect man for me with the presence of our beloved families and loved ones.

I can say that everything was just perfect from the beginning of our make-up & dress-up sessions, to the church ceremony & pictorials, and towards the reception.  It was generally a joyful and heartfelt occasion and I’m truly grateful it went well.  Most of all, we were very thankful to our dear parents for everything and to God because they are the main reasons why we are so blessed that day. The most memorable moments that we can clearly remember that day was during the processional-walking down the aisle with our beloved parents, exchanging of marriage vows, the sacred kiss at church in front of everyone close to our hearts, the wedding pictorial sessions, inspirational speeches from our sponsors & maid of honor’s speech who happens to be my best friend, our AVPs slideshow and so much more.

The whole event was so organized and hassle-free because we are all in good hands with our very reliable & professional wedding coordinators.  A big thank you to Ate Tisha (for her love & patience) and to the rest of the group. They really make a big difference in every moment of our wedding preparation ‘til our wedding day. We were very well guided in dealing with our budget, coordinating with all the suppliers, church requirements & rehearsal, time flow, make-up and pictorial sessions, reception and program flow etc. Hence, I could say that nowadays, it’s a must to have a wedding planner-coordinator because it leaves you stress-free and you can relax & enjoy your wedding.  Since getting married only happens once in our lifetime, we should take extra effort to make it as special as possible and having a wedding coordinator can make it possible…so the only thing that the couple can at least focus for once especially on the day is themselves.

So, if you have plans of getting married anytime soon, you & your partner must know what both of you and your families really want for that day to happen. Simplify your ways of planning out things, pray a lot & don’t expect too much for anything that would happen.  Always stay positive and spend a lot of quality time with your partner and enjoy each others company during the preparation.  Always remember that the most important thing during the wedding day is you and your loved one because both of you are the main characters of the event.  For couples who are truly in love with each other, one can tell by looking at their “aura” and the rest will go smoothly for as long as people close to the couple’s hearts really stayed for them until the end.

Anyway, good luck to the soon-to-be couples and please do cherish your love always despite and in spite of everything because Love is the most precious gift given from God to all of us. Lots of Love and God bless to us all!