Cakes & Pastries

When you are in the process of planning your dream wedding, the wedding cake is a very important feature on the day of the event. In most cultures a wedding cake represents fruitfulness and fertility and is said to bring good luck to all that eat it. The key to your perfect cake is finding the correct cake designer and maker for you. They should not only take into account any ideas you may wish to include, but also give you some guidance as to styles including the flavors that will work best for your wedding day. When choosing the type of cake, consider features of the day such as the theme of the wedding, color schemes, venue, the wedding dress and the flowers of the bride's bouquet. It’s important for the cake maker to customize each cake based on their clients' whims and wishes.  For the cakes which are uniquely shaped, the cake maker must have an ability to carve them by hand as it is quite difficult to find pre-made molds.  And lastly, the cake maker will be the one to deliver and set up the cake on the day of the wedding.  

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